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Within bizarre and violent cosmic processes, magic is created.

If we take a look around us at all the things that make up the world, we see that our planet is brimming with a multitude of forms, patterns, and colours. There are the inanimate rocks, soils, water, and atmospheric gases that make up Earth or are attached to it. A huge biomass also clings to the surface — lifeforms ranging from one-celled microbes to complex plants and large, intricate animals. And we see the formidable range of creations and technology made by humans. Where do the basic building blocks come from that make up all this stuff?

These fundamental…

Image: Josh Miller on Unsplash

Instead, the view is out into the void, and it is both thrilling and appalling.

Our sky, seen from the surface of Earth, is a dome that arches over the landscape, enclosing everything beneath it as it curves across from one horizon to the other.

By day, we live under a blue cocoon, trimmed with white and grey, a result of the atmospheric scattering of the shorter wavelengths of sunlight. The effect is beautiful, with the shade of blue directly overhead very vivid but also very soft. This colour seems almost to have the purpose of energising and calming us, as we go about our lives underneath it. …

Fiona Annand

Astrophysics student, who is keen on manipulating words as well as numbers. My mind likes touring through space.

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